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About the Eden Project and Transforming Violence

If you believe there should be a place...

... that celebrates life and puts champagne in the veins
... is all about education but doesn't feel like school
... to hold conversations that might just go somewhere
... where research isn't white coats in secret but shared exploration to help us all
... that is a sanctuary for all who think the future too precious to leave to the few – because it belongs to us all...

Then welcome.

That's why we built this place and that's where the money goes.

What is the Eden Project?

Eden is best known for having a tropical rainforest in a huge dome and for its innovative approach to environmental education. This "living theatre of plants and people" has attracted continual media attention and public acclaim. It has imaginatively transformed an environment despoiled by abandoned quarries into a gorgeous landscape with the two largest biodomes (greenhouses) in the world: a 3.8 acre biome houses a tropical rainforest and the other 1.5 acre biome contains a warm temperate plantscape. Beautiful, humorous and thought-provoking works of art by local and international artists are integrated into the spectacular indoor and outdoor landscapes. This is a successful economic and ecological regeneration project in one of the poorest (and most beautiful) counties in Europe. The Eden Project's bold and transformative vision attracts over 1.5 million visitors per year. For more information please visit the Eden Project web site at


The mission of the Eden Project is to promote the understanding and responsible management of the vital relationship between plants, people and resources leading to a sustainable future for all."

The mission of Transforming Violence is to offer opportunities for people to participate in innovative strategies for preventing, stopping and healing violence. Our goal is to inspire hope, invite participation, and activate citizen-led transformation.

Collaboration between the Eden Project and Transforming Violence

The Eden Project does not focus on the dire news of ecological problems - it does not emphasize crisis, blame and shame. Instead it demonstrates faith in the transformative powers of people who feel nourished by plants and nature, and see themselves as part of a living community of plants, animals and people.

The Eden Project clearly shows not only that we need to become planetary citizens - it shows what a welcome and stimulating challenge it is to care for the world. Transforming Violence believes that the issues we face in dealing with human conflict and aggression provide a similar challenge that can bring out the best in humanity. Cultivating Community is the collaboration that has come out of this shared perspective.


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